Unlimited Free Youtube Views 2014 | Get Referre Views

Do you want to get free twitter referre views on your video to rank it hire.?well you are at right place. Today i am going to share a method which is not developed by me but it will help you to get your free youtube views.

Steps You have to follow :

1) Go Here and Register Your account.

2) Now you have to earn credits in order to redeem on your video. you can leave your computer 24/7 running to gather credits.

3) If You want to buy VPS to run this software 24/7. I will recommend this VPS service.

4) You can use credits for your video directly but it will not hide traffic source so youtube will detect your traffic. [Results may be bad.]

5) But if you want to hide your traffic source then you have to purchase hitleap premium .[Trust me it is worth buying] .But you can use free service as well if you do not have some money to invest.

6) Now If you want to get twitter referre views then follow the below steps:

First, copy your video url that you want to submit on hitleapsecond, go to twitter then create an account. now post your url in twitter
and click more
[Image: e992d3e77b9804913201e6759a4f5f9d.png]
then click embed tweet. and you gonna see a short url like this:
http://t.co/etchetch. copy this url and submit it to hitleap :)

BOom! youtube will think that your traffic is from twitter so your video have more chance to rank fast ! :)



Get Free Youtube Views |Methods to Increase youtube views

This is how I’m boosting my YouTube videos. I’m generating around 600-1500 views per day using view exchange sites. At the moment I’m not really focused on YouTube but I’m using few sites that boost my views/rank my videos.
Currently I’m using Vagex and Enhanceviews only, they do the job perfectly for me!
Step 2) Earn Free Credits to get your views.
- http://www.enhanceviews.net/free.php < — Follow everything and earn credits.
- http://vagex.com/members/downloads.php < — Follow everything and earn credits.
Step 3) Once you’ve enough credits like 2000 at vagex and like 5000 at enhanceviews you’re ready to redeem. I recommend you to redeem all 2000 credits to your YouTube video from vagex and redeem maximum 200 views from Enhanceviews.
Step 4) Once boosting finished you should get good rank on YouTube, if you’re not earning anything yet then earn more credits and do the same to your videos till you get good rank at YouTube!
A Good Working List Of Youtube Video Views Exchange Sites : 

I boosted my videos but I’m not ranked on YouTube?
Well that’s because you don’t have right title/description/tags. To get your right title, description and tags please read my another post here:
There’s a lot of websites that offer free YouTube views.